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HLK Radar Tool 

LD2410B is a high-sensitivity 24GHz human presence status sensing moduledeveloped by Hi-link. Its working principle is to use FMCW frequency-modulated continuous waves to detect human targets in the set space. Combined with radar signal processing and precise human body sensing algorithms, it realizes high-sensitivity human presence status sensing, and can identify human bodies in motion and stationary states. And auxiliary information such as the distance of the target can be calculated.

This product is mainly used in indoor scenes to sense whether there is a moving or micro-moving human body in the area, and output the detection results in real time. The farthest sensing distance can reach 5 meters, and the distance resolution is 0.75m. Provides a visual configuration tool, which can easily configure the sensing distance range, sensing sensitivity in different intervals and unmanned delay time, etc., to adapt to different specific application needs.

Support GPIO and UART output, plug and play, and can be flexibly applied to different smart scenarios and terminal products.

Вложение Размер
LD2410_Tool_EN_english_version_1.zip 4.93 МБ
HLK-LD-KIT-V2_0_1.rar 11.03 МБ
LD2410C_Serial_communication_protocol_V1_00.pdf 548.62 КБ
HLK_LD2410C_Life_Presence_Sensor_Module_Data_Sheet_V1_00.pdf 1.64 МБ
LD2410B_Serial_communication_protocol_V1_04.pdf 483.04 КБ
HLK_LD2410B_Life_Presence_Sensing_Module_Manual_V1_04.pdf 1.27 МБ
HLK-LD2410_user_manual_V1_02.pdf 1.13 МБ
HLK-LD2410_Serial_Communication_Protocol_V1_02.pdf 413.59 КБ
HLKRadarTool_1_1_15.apk 25.74 МБ
HLKRadarTool_1_1_18.apk 25.74 МБ
sscom.rar 407.83 КБ
HLK-LD-KIT-V2_0.rar 11.03 МБ
HLK-2410xiliefengzhuang_1.zip 2.33 МБ
HLK-2410xiliefengzhuang.zip 2.33 МБ
HLK_LD2410Bshengmingcunzaiganyingmozushuomingshu_V1_07.pdf 1.86 МБ
HLK-LD2410_Tool.zip 3.85 МБ
LD2410_Tool_EN_yingwenban.zip 4.93 МБ
HLK-2450_TOOL_v1_4_2_0_20230515_1.zip 8.2 МБ
HLK_LD2450_1T2Ryundongmubiaojiancezhuizongmozushuomingshu_V1_00.pdf 1.53 МБ
HLK-LD2420xieyiwendang.pdf 133.7 КБ
HLK-2420_TOOL_v1_0_0_2_English.zip 6.72 МБ
haomibochuanganqitianxianzhaoshejizhinan_hailingke.pdf 711.83 КБ
HLK-LD2420yonghushouce_V1_1.pdf 680.57 КБ
HLK-2420_TOOL_v1_0_0_2.zip 4.4 МБ
HLK-LD2420_command_protocol.xlsx 14.2 КБ
HLK-LD2420_TOOL_v1_0_0_2_20230228_1.zip 3.85 МБ
HLK-LD2420-Product_Manual_V1_2.pdf 601.98 КБ
LD2410B_chuankoutongxinxieyi_V1_06_230221.pdf 965.03 КБ
chuankouqudong_ch341ser.zip 178.16 КБ
HLK-LD2410S-yonghushouce-V1_2.pdf 2.2 МБ
HLK-LD2410S_TOOL(v1_2_0_15).zip 6.07 МБ
HLK-LD-KIT-V2_0.rar 11.03 МБ
HLKRadarTool_1_1_64.apk 26.98 МБ
HLKRadarTool_2410B.apk 26.67 МБ
hlkld2410c.pdf 2.15 МБ