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IVG-85X20PS-SY Face Recognition IP

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Supporting face detection and recognition, capturing clear face images;

Real-time face snapshot comparison;

1080P HD resolution, Black light illumination,clear and fine images;

Support 2D/3D noise reduction,digital wide dynamic;

Advanced H.265AI/H.265+ (Compatible with H.265/H.264) video compression,Super low rate,high definition quality of image;

Professional anti-lightning,conform to GB/T17626.5 and IEC61000-4-5。

Support ONVIF;access third party;

Support various mobile monitoring(iPhone,Android);

Provide web、CMS、center platform management software MYEYE,provide SDK development

Support cloud technology,easy to achieve network penetration,fro in-line and alarm information pushed



System structureEmbedded RTOS,dual-core 32bit DSP(XM550AI),pure hard compression ,watch dog
Sensor2.0M 1/2.9"SC307E Black light illumination CMOS sensor ,color 0.0001Lux@F1.2,black/white 0.0001Lux@F1.2
Video compressionH.265AI/H.265+ (Compatible with H.265/H.264),support dual stream,AVI;0.1M~8Mpbs variable;1~30f/s variable
Image outputMain stream: 1920*1080@25fps,1280*720@25fps; sub-stream: 704*576@25fps
Shutter1/50(1/60)s to 1/10,000s
performanceSingle face recognition delay < 500ms
Pixel sizeMinimum support for 80*80 pixel point size face capture
Scope of face captureSupport side face capture, partially occluded face capture and multi-color face capture.
Number of face capturesCapturing 8 to 32 face images per second
Day and nightSupport IR-CUT,IR-CUT coil has an internal resistance of 20 ohms, the power-on time is less than 200ma, and the voltage is 3.5V-6V
Noise reductionSupport 2D/3D
Wide dynamicSupport digital
Audio compressionG.711,support bidrectional talk,audio&video synchronization
Audio interface1ch input,level:2Vp-p,impedance:1kΩ,support sound pick-up input;1ch output,impedance:16Ω,30mw,support microphone
Network interface1*RJ45 10/100M adaptive Ethernet port;support RTSP/FTP/DHCP/NTP/UPnP etc
Extension interfaceSD card,ALARM1/1,RTC,RESET,USB WIFI
Singal interfaceOne photo resistance interface,one IR-CUT interface ,support photo resistance signal and IR-CUT links to IR
Alarm I/O1/0 (support alarm input and video link to background)
Application scenariosEnterprises and residential environments such as security gates, Airport security, border inspection, ATM machines, face attendance, etc
ReliabilityComprehensive lightning protection, 7 * 24 hours-10℃~65℃ high temperature stable and reliable testing
Intelligence analysisSupport for face detection, with the use of PC or NVR, can carry out black-and-white list, face recognition function, support for fuzzy detection, scene transformation, video occlusion and other basic intelligence.
Other functionSupport WEB,OSD,live video transmission,motion detect and IO alarm,front-end storage/playback/download, and center reminder and image linkage,support JPEG capture;united remote client monitoring sofaware、MYEYE;perfect SDK
Mobile monitoringSupport multiple mobile monitoring(iOS,Android)
PowerDC12V/2A input, power consumption:≤3W,
OtherSupport POE power supply (optional),The drive voltage of the light board is at 3.3V


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